Monday, December 8, 2008

Hey I just set up my first blog site, NEAT!

Well this is exciting. I felt like I had to put up some artwork, so here some is. This is a flyer I made for my band Johnny and the Snakes. Yes I realize I spelled Johnny "Johny" on the image. My bad, what can I say, I don't know how to spell my own bands name.

It was fun working on this because this is the closest thing I've done to an illustration in a about a year. Not to mention it looks a lot better than any illustration I did, when I did.

I pulled in real textures for the backgrounds, and gave the characters flat solid colors. This was a new idea for me but I think it turned out pretty sweet. I think I'm gonna try this technique again soon but I want to get even weirder with it. I think things could get pretty psychedelic real quick.

Any way thats post #1 expect more soon.

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