Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cat and Mouse Cartoon

Ok I finished this idea, which I'll sum up real quickly cause I'm a building thats shutting down. So there's a really fat cat whose pressured into chasing this mouse by his owners. Once the mouse realizes that he's in no real danger (due to the cats incredible girth he decides to mess with him.

The mouse tells the cat that he needs to work out and the chase begins and the mouse climbs up a book case that the cat fails to overcome. After hilariously falling to the ground the chase continues to the stair case. By the time cat gets to the top the mouse has been waiting for him. He informs the cat that he is not properly "feeling the burn" and kicks his ass right back down the staircase.

Once at the bottom the cat informs the mouse of his "lack of motivation". upon hearing this the mouse covers himself in salt and butter to wet that cats appetite. The cat tries to catch the mouse but he dodges out of the way sending him into the oven. He cranks the heat all the way up and the cat comes out as a roast duck of some sorts.  
The mouse sticks him with a fork and he abruptly comes back to action only to break down crying. He explains that he is just a simple and lazy cat who never wanted to do anything. The mouse sympathizes with the cat while cleverly consoling themselves with food from the fridge. Some time elapses and we see that their weepy bonding moment has left themselves bloated from all the food they've been eating. The cat's owner shows up once again to encourage the chase but now both parties are content in saying fuck off.

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