Monday, February 2, 2009

Rita Redford

Hello again. I present to you today Rita Redford. I sort of see her as 28-34 year old white woman who snorts a lot of coke and tries to solve crimes. However she is not an official detective and is unemployed. Most of the crimes she would be solving would either be petty cases that poor and ignorant people call her for (since they don't want to spend money on a real detective). Or cases she takes upon herself (usually a coke fueled delusion).

She is horribly lonely and despite her constant attempts to appear sexy and dangerous she is usually viewed as "weird" and "undesirable".

Any ways I'm working on larger project right now. I'm starting to understand how good ideas so frequently get widdled down to mediocrity, and how art that gets away from the artist is always doomed to it. Anyways more on that later. (if I still feel bitter)

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