Thursday, April 16, 2009

AT LONG LAST!!!!... it's almost done...

Here it is my senior thesis project. It's so close to being finished. I was going to upload it in small bits over a long time... but whatever. If you aren't able to figure it out it's about Lassie going to the moon. Why? I have no idea. Sometimes you just start working on something and this happens.

You know I think if I asked the creators of some of my favorite cartoons, why some of the things that happened, happened in their cartoons they'd have a similar answer. Actually I did, and he did. I asked Tom Ruegger why Slappy Squirrel used the space ship from close encounters of the third kind to (defeat?) the 3 Tenors. He didn't really know. He supposed cause it was funny... It wasn't... But I'm positive that lots of things that were hilarious in that show were thought up he same way. Like Brain reciting Orson Welles Frozen Pea ad. Brilliant! but totally like "what?"
Does any of this make sense? am I getting through to any of you?
Any way I've gotten disgutingly off topic. Also I didn't want to imply that Slappy Squirrel wasn't funny. She's great.


Barbara Benas said...

Hey Tom, good job

and yes, you got through to me

I think

Richard Gaines said...

Dude! I just chanced across your animation on YouTube and I actually loved it! I really get a kick out of how you animated the two other dogs during the chorus. Yeah! Yeah!

You know Camper Van Beethoven? What about Alice Donut and the Melvins?

Anyway, Tom. I can't wait until you finish this. There' a lot of charm to your stuff. :)

Jen said...

Great Job Tom! Looks great! :)

7414Stars said...

Did you upload your all the way finished one somewhere already? I don't think I found the finished one on youtube. Well done, Tom!

Kat Firor said...

Tom, you rock.