Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A more detailed account of perceived majesty

I realize that I gave a pretty poor account of a pretty epic trip before. So I am righting my wrongs. Above are pictures of Colorado. These were taken the first morning of our trip. This meant that we drove from Cincinnati to Colorado in one all day long voyage. We met up with some friends there and camped over night.

Above is Arizona. We drove through it twice. On the way out we drove through a little 15 mile stretch in the north west corner. It also happened to be a pretty majestic canyon.
Above is a picture of Beverly hills, then 2 pictures of California one. You know one of the crazy things about this trip was? It proved damn near every preconceived notion I had about most of the places we went to.
Colorado=All of the people their are either hip, backpackers, or crazy (or all 3)
California=The weather is actually perfect
LA=There are porn stars and wannabes everywhere
San Francisco=Hippies, HIPPIES
Texas=Texans are fat and the love texas
Kansas= Kansas sucks
Yosemite! Now you're talking majestic place! enough said.
The first picture is the sun setting over the Mississippi (Nashville). The next is the Grand Canyon, and the last is some power plant in the desert. So much happened it's hard to put down any thing of real significance. One of the coolest places we stumbled upon was a modern ghost town in the middle of the Mojave desert. That was really creepy. Sadly I have no photos of it. It was the only roll of film I lost. MAYBE THE PLACE NEVER EXISTED AT ALL.

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