Monday, October 19, 2009

Check Out This Audio Skit My Friends and I Made
Yo guys, what's up! I finally found a computer that would allow me to upload this audio skit my friends and I made, onto YouTube. None of us have a video camera, but I thought "who need's it" One of my favorite shows is home movies and that's just about as funny with out the visuals, as with. It could practically be a radio show. Oh yeah! Also I listened to some Prairie home Companion. That also sort of sparked the idea.

It's sort of like Dr. Katz goes out west. A fairly level headed psychiatrist interviews/helps various frontiers men with varying psychological ailments. I'd like to do more episodes but the voice of the psychiatrist (Leo Eisenlore) moved to F#@$ing China of all places. Might do more with a different voice but it's pretty upsetting, I really made the character with him in mind.

I originally conceived the idea to be purely an audio experience but my friends are assuring me that it will be better with visuals, so I am complying. Here are a few of the early scenes where he is describing how he met Jedediah Smith (who apparently is a real historical figure). The version with visuals will be up in a bit, but I won't lie. It will probably be a while.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Here are some character and location concepts for an idea I was working on a while ago. It was sort of a Tom Sawyer era ghost story. I think the cabin looks pretty spooky.