Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Moving Along!

Some things I like.

I really like Radiohead. I'm listening to OK Computer right now for the first time in a long time. I remember when I was first listening to this album it was when I was in high School reading the Martian Chronicles. That was a book I really liked. Something about how spacey Radiohead is must of made all the crazy, weird, aliens, space houses, and Bee-Guns in that book not only seem plausible but seem awesome. I've only read that book once. Maybe I should read it again.

I've only read a few books twice. I know that The Thing's They Carried is one. Huckleberry Finn Is another one. I'll tell you what, I took a lot more out of that book the second time. Also it was a lot funnier than I remember.

This is my old men impression.

Home Sick Subterranean Alien is such an amazing song!

Sorry it just came on. I'm trying to be as stream of consciousness as possible.
That song has one of the coolest keyboard parts I've ever heard. Just the whole over all feel of that song is groovy. I feel that I am constantly in a search for music that can match how chilled out that song is. Serge does a pretty good job. I really like that Bob Dylan song that they use in The Lebowski. The Man In Me. That's a super chill song.

Air does a good job of keeping it cool, but... sometimes they just get a little bit too chill. Plus their too obvious about it.

Oh! I should post a link to this incredible Air music video.

The first time I saw this it blew my mind.
I should be fair Air can be pretty awesome.

Ok I'm sorry it's time to wrap this up, I've gone on far too long. Enjoy the animation above.
It's a Seal.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Lamest thing I have ever heard

I was driving in my car through some severe winter traffic. The classic rock station I was listening to just finished playing Slow Ride when the DJ came on and said this...

"I hope you all are enjoying your slow ride. With weather like this there is no reason to be in a Rush."

He then proceeded to play a Rush song. I then proceeded to barf.