Friday, April 9, 2010

The Next Animation

Hello fellows, I haven't posted in about a month and that's kind of messed up. Well here is the storyboard for the next animation in the pipeline. This ones a bit of a bigger production than previous ones. There are all ready three of us working on it, and we are always looking for more help. Needless to say no money is involved.... unless we win some sort of prize money but that's way down the road.

Most of the dialogue is finished. Many of the shots are not final. Especially in the beginning when the scientists are talking. Much of that is probably going to change. The ending is a little open ended at this point. I've all ready heard a few suggestions on how that could be different... or better. I'm thinking about adding a scene after the credits that might add a bit more closure.

Any suggestions and comments are welcome!
please tell me what you think.

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