Saturday, March 19, 2011

Very Real Realizations

Hello, I realize my posts have become more and more sparse, and that the actual amount of blogging with in each post has become... well, sparse. But that's all gonna change (I know I'm not supposed to use "but" to start a sentence, but I do it anyway because it makes me feel good. (see I'm doing it now! I'm blogging mindlessly) Because I've recently realized that there's actually a handful of people who actually follow this blog.

This is another clip from a self made cartoon me and 2 others are working on that is really happening. In fact it's more really happening than ever! What I mean is that progress has been good. Most everything has been cleaned up at this point. We've been using TV Paint for the scanning and compiling.

If all goes well it will only be a few more months before we can call this done.